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At DeciData we offer maximum excellence to our clients, but this should not be limited to our current capabilities. For this, we have established a network of collaborators that reinforce and complement our proposal. Companies and excellent professionals in their areas and of which we are very proud to share this journey with.

Micompany, Europe’s leading company in Big Data and Advanced Analytics. With offices in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv, they work with clients and projects in more than 20 countries. MiCompany also has a unit specialized in training in this field, adapting its programs to the different needs of the company: general management, functional management and technicians.

Kunak, technological Start-up specialized in the design, manufacturing and marketing of innovative products and solutions for machine-to-machine communication (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT)

Keyland, Company dedicated to the optimization, development, commercialization and implementation of processes and management solutions for companies. Keylanda specializes in the industrial sector and has a significant presence in the financial sector.

DBS , La Deusto Business School is the first business school in Spain, with more than 100 years being a benchmark in the comprehensive training of business leaders.

Campus2B Company with extensive experience in the training sector, offers tailored solutions for different areas and departments of the company.

Veltys Company specialized in strategy, data analysis and statistical models. With a team that combines research and business experience, they work closely with their clients to build the most appropriate analytical solutions.

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