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The job of Decidata

Decidata is made up of a multidisciplinary and experienced team. We balance the competencies linked to the business knowledge and the management capacity with the data science. From the intersection of these two elements arises our proposal to accompany the manager from the understanding of the problem to the construction of the algorithm.

With a clear specialization in machine learning we aspire to change the way in which decisions are made in the organization, making it more transparent and supported by greater evidence.

Management Team

“Curious and tenacious, I am in charge of working alongside the management team on the path to finding the algorithmic solution to the problem. Aside from that, I enjoy traveling and enjoying the small moments.” - Iñaki Pertusa

“We promise to give the best solutions to our customers” - Gonzalo Artiach

Data scientists

“Computational and scientific physics of data specialist in machine learning. Passionate about design and tireless traveler.” - Irene Unceta

“I was a Data scientist in mckinsey for three years. I love having challenges and traveling the planet whenever I can.” - Pablo Monfort

“I dedicate myself to give advice, to answer the questions that are asked to me and to accompany the excellent team of Decidata. Sometimes they take my ideas into consideration, but the important thing is to be at ease. When I have time, I dedicate it to my granddaughter and to the one that is on the way. ” - Pedro Aldasoro

What we believe in

We help our clients formulate the question in an adequate way to find the best answers with advanced analytics.

In addition, we develop the necessary tools to make the answers operational; that is, for the business decisions that are effective and efficient.

Transform the knowledge of your organization and your environment with us to improve decision making.

We ask the questions properly so that, thanks to the advanced analytics, you can find the answer that allows you to win in the future.

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